Electric Smoker Reviews and Buying Guide

electric smokerA smoker is a healthy and safe cooking product that avoids using oil, using wood and steam together to smoke your food. There are a variety of sources of heat for a smoker, like charcoal and hardwood, gas which uses propane or natural gas and electric. Each one produces different results and some may prefer one fuel source against another but the popular one for the modern home is the electric smoker. You don’t need to keep looking around for bags of wood or gas bottles, no more lighting up coals waiting for them to catch, refilling when it gets low, you have complete freedom with the electric smoker.

The electric smoker is much safer than the other popular home smoker that gets plumbed into the gas or uses gas bottles. There are no risks of explosion or high winds blowing it out. They are safe enough to need little or no attention once the food has been prepared. Remember that all smokers are to be used outside, not indoors; they become your barbecue smoker and you become the gourmet.

You have a lot of control and the ability to just ‘set it and forget it’ with the electric smoker that isn’t available with other fuel sources. This kind of BBQ smoker is ideal for the busy professional or family that is time and health focused, you don’t have to keep checking it every five minutes. You can prepare the food, set it up, leave it and come home hours later, the food ready and smoked to succulent perfection.

You have an interesting variety of wood flavor sources too to experiment with. The flavors that are popular are hickory, mesquite, alder, apple, cherry, maple, oak and pecan. This gives you complete freedom to smoke cook your choice of juicy slabs of ribs, delicious shoulders, moist whole briskets, succulent spare ribs, tender baby back, big roasts of chicken, turkey breast, beef, pork loin, sausages, fish like smoked salmon, oysters, vegetables, peppers and even cheese.

How to Buy the Best Electric Smoker

In our research we looked at what makes an electric smoker the best and even refined our ideas as we discovered more. Here we put together the factors you need to consider in buying the ideal BBQ smoker for you. There are many aesthetic reasons we left out to save you time reading through and only put here the most vital things to be aware of.


Are you a gourmet, an experienced smoker, or just someone who would love to join in and try out this healthy and tasty alternative to food cooking? Many of the electric smokers have a programming facility where you can set the temperature and time of the cooking. The fact you can set up everything in the beginning according to instructions created by the experts makes even the beginner quickly skilled in creating delicious smoked dishes. If you are new to this or you want complete freedom while cooking, then choose a smoker that is programmable with meat temperature sensors. More experienced or hands on cooks will not require any programming and the more functional smoker will suffice.

Capacity and Size

Are you cooking for yourself, your family, or even for a party at some time in the future? Think about whether you want a large or compact smoker, it would be a waste to have a massive smoker only to place a few items in each time. On the other hand maybe with your new found skills you might want to hold a party but be stuck with a compact smoker. In reality even the most compact electric smoker will hold a family sized portion of food and the larger ones in our list are energy efficient enough even when partly filled.

The other factor to size of course is where you intend to place the smoker and where it will be stored when not used, if different. Consider the space you have and the dimensions of the smoker.

Budget and Quality

Fortunately all of the electric smokers in our list fulfill the need for quality and durability. However there is still a variation in having a quality brand name with great specifications against the popular and cheaper electric smoker, we include both ends of the scale in our list of the finest smokers. Sadly budget is a major factor for many, especially when they are beginners who have not yet experienced cooking like this and choosing the cheapest is the only option practical to them. We have left in the electric smoker reviews links to one of the most trusted sources on the web, Amazon, who do have deals at times even on the most expensive products, they are worth checking often.

Trusted Reviews of the Smoker

We looked at reviews around the web, on various sites and forums and reported back on the most trusted ones. It is so important to get a true impression of owners of products to help make your choice and to tell between a genuine review and sales copy. The stars rating and number of reviews at Amazon are a good indicator of how well a product is doing, but you do have to delve deep to get a real picture. We research and report the good and bad in our reviews of the best electric smokers, telling you only the most important facts.

Our Top Picks – The Top 5 Best Electric Smokers to Buy

Being fanatical about smoked food we have researched the best electric smokers that are on the market at this moment in time. We come up with a list of the five we think are the best and tell you why.

1. Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse Smoker with Window
Masterbuilt Electric SmokehouseThis is the top electric smoker, big enough to hold a party, programmable enough to set it and forget it, with a huge window on the front to see your food smoking without having to open the door. This will definitely be a major point of discussion when you entertain.

On top of this there is a remote to keep on top of the barbecue smoker outside without missing the game on TV, it’ll tell you the time left to cook, the temperature of the meat and leave you in complete control. All this with a good brand, solid cabinet and much more, it has earned its top place in our picks – it is the best electric smoker.

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2. Masterbuilt 20070910 30-Inch Electric Smoker
Masterbuilt 20070910This BBQ smoker is easy to use, easy to clean and maintain, energy efficient, big, programmable, great for both novice and expert, to name just a few of its qualifying features. It comes at a really reasonable price too, for the budget conscious. This one is much like our number one position electric smoker but without the window and remote control, but has all the other important features. Both these BBQ smokers have a good named brand behind them too.

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3. Cookshack Smokette Elite Electric BBQ Smoker
Cookshack Smokette EliteIf you really want quality and willing to pay for it then this is made by the same company that is well regarded for its commercial smokers in places like restaurants. You get the top quality in everything and it shows in the specifications for this electric smoker. On top of all that it is also backed up by Cookshacks confidence by having a two year warranty on it. That’s a lot of parties with a lot of peace of mind.

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4. Bradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker
Bradley Digital SmokerIf you want complete power over everything, then this electric smoker will go some way to fulfilling it. It lets you control the actual time that the food is smoked for as well as the usual time and temperature offered by the other smokers. It has the highest temperature too, which means you can use this smoker for more conventional cooking before programming the smoking to go on. This is another quality offering by a well-known brand.

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5. Smokin-It Model #1 Electric Smoker
Smokin-It Electric SmokerThis electric smoker just does its job and that’s it, no frills and automation, just smokes your food with the quality you would expect. It is the most compact of the smokers in our picks but still a good size for a family. Add to that this is one of the cheaper electric smokers on the market and you can see that you get really good value with it.

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